We proudly offer a 15% discount to active duty Law Enforcement and Military Personnel.

If you do not see the product listed here that you would like to get coated, please send us an email or call us and request a quote. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Item Description Price
Frame $85.00
Slide $75.00
1911 Pistol Complete $200.00
Glock (or any polymer) Frame (Frame Only) $85.00

Item Description Price
AR-15 Rifles
AR-15 Complete (Upper, Lower, Handguard, Barrel, Trigger, Pushpins, and Selector) $275.00
AR-15 Stripped Lower or Stripped Upper $85.00
AR-15 barrel and gas block $80.00
AR-15 aluminum handguard $80.00

Item Description Price
Long Guns
Bolt Rifle Barreled Action (Receiver, Barrel, Bolt) $200.00
Bolt finished in Microslick $35.00
Shotgun Complete (Receiver, Barrel, and Shot Tube) $190.00

Item Description Price
Special Services
Additional Color $35.00

Item Description Price
Disassembly & Assembly*
Handguns (Depends on model) $45.00-$75.00
Shotguns $55.00
AR Rifles $85.00
Extensive surface damage such as rust, pitting, and/or damaged stock Call for quote
* Complete disassembled rifles and pistols are accepted for coating only if accompanied by a full written inventory of parts.

Item Description Price
Camouflage Finishes
Digital, Gap, Woodland, etc...(Any 3 colors on AR style rifle) $425.00
Digital, Gap, Woodland, etc...(Any 3 colors on a bolt rifle stock only) $325.00
3 Color Camouflage on Pistol $275.00
Specialized camouflage finishes with more than 3 colors Call for quote